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You operate warehouse and you understand that you need to maintain a work environment that is efficient and never succumbs to unpredictable interruptions. We understand that struggle, and what we offer are viable and affordable solutions that enhance the way you do business. Our warehouse epoxy installations are perfect for anyone seeking to eliminate all the problems and financial heartaches of traditional concrete flooring systems.

Our epoxy floor solutions ensure:

  • Durability
  • Financial security
  • Protection
  • Simplicity

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    Why You Should Acquire Our

    Warehouse Epoxy Services

    Epoxy concrete repairs and restorations represent a kind of new and innovative technological development in the world of flooring solutions. Traditional concrete tends to decay and undergo significant damage, making it more difficult to operate a warehouse setting than it needs to be. What we are offering you is an escape from all the tedium and inconvenience of untreated concrete flooring systems. Make your life easier by hiring our epoxy services and transitioning to a simpler and affordable way of operating out of a warehouse setting.

    The shiny, reflective properties of the epoxy paint provide you with optimized visibility in large and typically shadowy warehouse settings. Increased visibility more than marginally improves safety: by providing adequate lighting, you and your employee can see what you’re doing, creating even more opportunity for you to protect yourselves from potential hazards. Also, epoxy floor installations offer increased traction and friction, which significantly reduces the slipperiness of concrete and protects from potential injury.
    Epoxy flooring systems are long-lasting and hold up well against all kinds of physical punishment. The epoxy resin establishes a strong and impenetrable veneer that can sustain its structural integrity under an incredible amount of weight. The sturdy covering of the epoxy coating will not easily due to a surface strength of about 3,000 pounds per square inch to 10,000 pounds per square inch. The epoxy concrete is also protected from corrosion caused by exposure to chemicals and other substances.
    Not a lot of people are aware of the immense financial benefits of an epoxy flooring system. Not only is an epoxy floor relatively economical to install, but you will save money on repairs and other maintenance costs over time. Because of the structural durability of the epoxy, you are eliminating a significant amount of fixing up that would normally take place. Warehouse epoxy floors are also very easy to keep clean and free of damaging bacteria and other substances that eventually lead to future deterioration.

    Why You Need

    Epoxy Flooring

    The benefits of our warehouse epoxy installation are numerous

    Visual Appeal
    Whoever said that a warehouse setting had to have a dreary and dismal appearance to it? Many of our commercial clients tell us about how the aesthetic transformation of their warehouse setting has increased employee morale. Our clients also rave about the creativity and customization that we provide them with when it comes to the visual layout of their flooring system. We want you to know that beauty and appearance of your concrete floor is just as important as its functionality.
    Environmental Benefits
    Our epoxy flooring solutions are a significant upgrade in terms of how it impacts the environment. Our installations require a lot fewer materials and industrial manpower that are normally utilized for a sophisticated flooring system. The only tools required to apply the epoxy paint is a 9-inch roller, while most other flooring systems require machinery and other mechanical devices for proper installation. Also, due to the long-lasting nature of the epoxy, fewer materials go into its upkeep.
    A Simplified Process
    The epoxy application process is very simple and easy to perform, and it can be completed in a matter of days. After cleaning and preparing the untreated concrete, we then mix the epoxy paint and proceed to the installation process. A thin layer of epoxy paint is then rolled onto the floor evenly, and after it dries, we apply a second layer. The epoxy materials take little-to-no time to dry up and cure, thus establishing a sturdy and impenetrable surface.

    Professional Warehouse Epoxy

    We are the right people to call when seeking out epoxy flooring alternatives. Maximize your warehouse operations and limit risk by obtaining our services today!

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    Our company has been performing exemplary epoxy solutions for many years and we are extremely proud of our work. We view each epoxy floor installation as a new challenge and we never try to cut corners when providing service. Our professional epoxy installers are very knowledgeable and they can answer your every question when it comes to the installation process. Our solvent-based and metallic epoxy solutions will guarantee a total transformation of your concrete flooring system. Make your employees safer and more eager to show up to work by hiring our professional epoxy services today!

    We are a company that strives to provide a reliable and affordable product for our customers. We encourage you to contact one of our epoxy experts today to learn more about everything we have to offer!