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The constant repairing and resurfacing of your debilitated concrete floor is becoming more and more of a hassle, and now you are seeking solutions. We provide high-quality epoxy flooring installations that will revitalize any interior or exterior setting. Whether you run a business, operate a warehouse, or own a private residence, we can supply you with a flooring product that will improve and reinvigorate your everyday life. We offer epoxy flooring services that you will not find anywhere else.

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    The Benefits of

    Epoxy Flooring Installations

    For many of you, the durability and functionality of your flooring system are becoming an important factor in your everyday life, whether it be at your place of work or your own home. We want to optimize the way you do business, we want to revitalize your home life, and we want to make everything simpler and easier for you. Our professional epoxy flooring services will make the difference in solving all your concrete flooring issues.

    Price and Saving Money
    Many of our costumers express their displeasure at the constant repairing of the existing concrete floor, which can lead to exorbitant maintenance and cleaning costs. We know that you are searching for ways in which you can save money while still improving and maintaining efficiency within your work setting. The durable, unbreakable surface of the epoxy overlay significantly reduces the amount of money you would invest in a flooring system that is easily susceptible to damage. Epoxy flooring also requires minimal materials and manpower to install.
    Visual Appearance
    You can get really creative when it comes to the layout and design of epoxy flooring installation. We inform all of our clients that if the option is available, they might as well take it. The visual appeal of your concrete flooring system can boost your morale and outlook on life, providing you with a deeper appreciation for the settings around you and the work you perform. The pristine luster of the polished epoxy coating will beautify and visually enhance any interior or exterior setting.
    Easy to Clean
    Cleaning your epoxy flooring system requires much less effort and labor than any other traditional concrete installation. The protective epoxy overly prevents dirt and chemicals from finding their way into the concrete, which means that everything that you will clean up remains on top of the floor and will not cling to the surface. This simplifies the cleaning process and also protects your concrete flooring from potentially becoming damaged and deteriorated due to exposure to substances and other natural phenomena.

    The Application Process For

    Epoxy Flooring Installations

    These are the simple yet crucial steps for every epoxy installation

    Concrete Preparation
    What our epoxy professionals do is inspect and assess your concrete flooring to determine if any preliminary repairs need to be made. The floor must be properly prepared for the application process – otherwise the epoxy may not adhere to it. We then smooth out and repair any blemishing on the floor, and we may also perform acidic etching just to make sure the floor is good and ready for the installation. Will also patch up and repair any unsightly cracks in the concrete.
    Prepare the Epoxy Mixture
    The epoxy mixture will depend on the materials you choose to use for your installation. There are several factors involved in the mixing process, such as the colors and textures you decide to use when determining the layout and design of your flooring systems, as well as the strength and durability you want to achieve with your epoxy installation. We also ensure to prepare the primer so that the epoxy materials properly adhere to the concrete.
    Applying the Epoxy Material
    This is the final step: what we do is apply the freshly mixed epoxy coating along with the final clear top coating. The base coating will usually contain the materials used to establish the density of the epoxy – an example of this are acrylic paint chippings. The final coating is then applied which provides the epoxy with that glossy and reflective effect. This shiny and immaculate appearance is a very recognizable trait of an epoxy flooring system. Many of our costumers choose the polyurethane top coating for extra protection.

    Epoxy Flooring Solutions

    We offer a level of professionalism and variety that you will not find anywhere else. Call on of our epoxy flooring experts today to get a better understanding of the services we provide! We also encourage you to browse our website.

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    Epoxy Flooring Installation Services

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    Our contractors and epoxy professionals have decades of combined experience in installing epoxy flooring systems and they can answer any question you may have. We are recognized as one of the eminent epoxy flooring service providers in the country and many of our customers can attest to the quality of our installations. We are very accommodating for our clients and we strive to satisfy all of your flooring needs. Our services are affordable, reliable, and better than anything else that is out there.

    We will do whatever it takes to ensure that you are satisfied with our epoxy flooring installation services and we will provide you with assistance throughout the entire process.