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Epoxy Flooring Design and Installation

From garages and kitchens to restaurants and factories, we have seen and done it all! Our specialists have installed hundreds of floor coatings for homeowners and business owners alike with a commitment to our clients’ total satisfaction. From concept to installation, we work with you through the entire design process.


Professional and Reliable

Our company is built on being a reliable service to all of our customers. We hold timeliness, professionalism, and quality craftsmanship to the highest standards.


Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

Our certified contractors are licensed, bonded, and insured in order to guarantee your satisfaction and protection.


Cities/Areas We Cover

We are proud to service the residents of Orlando, Tampa, and Lakeland, Florida. Along with the surrounding areas as well!

Durable, Affordable

Epoxy Floor Coatings

Cost-efficient floor coatings that are tough enough to last for years!

We provide flooring systems that are ideal for a plethora of different situations and settings. Our flooring experts are knowledgeable in everything including design, installation, and product knowledge. We only use the highest quality materials to ensure you have the best product that will last as long as you need it.

Our professional contractors are happy to install concrete coatings in any space you desire, including:

  • Garages
  • Kitchens
  • Basements
  • Restaurants
  • Hospitals
  • Factories

We offer several types of finishes

Epoxy Flooring Finishes

Are you planning on a big home remodeling project? Does your business need a makeover? We can provide the perfect finish to your new floor to fit your design plan. Our floors are not impeded by the finishing style. No matter the finish, you’ll be left with a durable floor that will last for years.



With a standard epoxy floor, you’re not limited in creativity. The color options are endless, as well as the selection in patterns! Whether you’re looking for a bright, vibrant pattern to show off your company colors or a subtle color for your basement to match your home’s decor, you can accomplish these goals with the industry standard. Complete with a high-gloss sheen, this concrete coating works well in any environment.



By incorporating decorative flakes into the mix, we can create a high-contrast design that grabs the attention of anyone who walks into the room. These flakes come in varying sizes to provide several levels of contrast and design styles. By adding these chips, you also receive the added benefit of slip resistance with your floor. The vast color options for decorative flakes allow even more freedom in customization.



Metallic epoxy is made by mixing metallic pigments into the resin before it’s applied. These pigments flow throughout your floor during the installation process. They can be used to create anything from natural scenes, like a flowing river, to unique, one-of-a-kind creations exclusive to your space. There are many colors to choose from and mix to create all kinds of varying effects.

What We Cover

We cover various install locations for our floors, including residential, commercial, and industrial. Concrete coatings work well in all of these environments by providing a durable surface that can be made into an attractive accent to your space or a hard-working floor that hides dirt and grime. No matter the goals that you have for your floor, we can help!



Epoxy flooring is one popular concrete resurfacing option in the residential market. It can be customized to meet any flooring needs ranging from your garage to your kitchen floor. These coatings are especially ideal for your home and can be used to enhance the durability, functionality, and attractiveness of your interior surfaces. Epoxy comes in various forms, color patterns, and styles to suit any interior design and you can also create your own color scheme.



Commercial epoxy resin is a cost-efficient and long-lasting flooring solution that can endure even the most taxing environments. Along with modernizing your commercial facility, a commercial floor coating guards your concrete floor against cracks, spills, chemicals, and moisture. With a low maintenance cost and unequaled strength, durability, performance, and aesthetics, this can be an excellent fit for any industry from retail and restaurants to hospitals and nursing homes.



Epoxy makes for a smart choice in industrial settings. The tough surface can withstand various impacts and volumes of foot traffic, which is ideal for the production floor. Not to mention, the color and pattern options available allow industrial facilities to choose a color that masks dirt and grime. As well as creating patterns on the floor for walkways and restricted areas to ensure the safety of employees. We can help with the design and installation of any style for industrial locations.

The Most Reliable

Epoxy Flooring Experts

Here’s why we are the leading epoxy floor installation company in the panhandle!


Years of Experience

Our team of qualified flooring technicians has decades of combined experience. We have installed countless floors for our neighbors in the area including residential, commercial, and industrial floors. With the experience of our crew, we can handle any flooring project you can throw at us.


Premium Epoxy Products

Our clients deserve nothing but the best. We refuse to cut corners with cheap products that simply don’t last as long. By combining our experience with high-quality flooring products we can deliver the best results.


Warranty Assurance

We do our best to give you the best possible service. We stand by our work by offering a warranty on any defects that appear as a result of faulty installation for up to two years.

Check out some of our

Other Concrete Flooring Services

Our services are that of a full-service flooring installation company. We don’t stop at providing long-lasting epoxy coatings, we also provide existing floor removal, garage epoxy, pool deck resurfacing, and concrete resurfacing. We provide all you need for your indoor or outdoor flooring needs.



One of the most robust and beautiful finishes that you can have for a garage floor is an epoxy coating. Not only does it protect your garage, but it can also instantly change your dull or unsightly concrete into a professional-looking floor of beauty and purpose. Considering the garage is also converting into more than simply a place to leave the car, the advantages of garage floor epoxy have made it a favorite for garage flooring today.



If you own a concrete pool deck that was poured some years ago, the chances are that it has become damaged through the years and has some structural problems that need handling. These can include chipping, minor hairline cracks or major cracks, or the slab could be buckling. In addition to these problems, concrete pool decks become rather rough over time and allow dirt and bacteria to penetrate the pores. We can resurface the concrete breathe new life into your pool deck.



If you have a concrete garage floor, driveway, sidewalk, or patio that is beginning to show its age, you have two possibilities to choose from. You can either demolish and remove the old surface, prepare the base, and pour an entire new slab. The other choice is that you can have us come in and resurface the concrete to return the slab to its youthful appearance. We offer a variety of resurfacing services to get your concrete looking brand new!

Our Service Areas

And everywhere in between!

We offer services in multiple areas around Florida’s diverse and welcoming communities. We’re happy to serve our neighbors in the panhandle with exemplary flooring installation and concrete resurfacing services. Continue reading below to find out more about the locations where we provide our expert services.



This city, located on the beautiful Tampa Bay, along Florida’s Gulf Coast is a major business center that’s known for its museums and other cultural contributions. Also home to the exciting amusement park, Busch Gardens, complete with various rides and attractions. We’re proud to serve this lively city and the surrounding areas.



The bustling city of Orlando’s claim to fame is the world-renowned Walt Disney World. Universal Studios is another major attraction that comes with Orlando for locals and tourists alike to enjoy. We’re excited to service Orlando and the surrounding communities! Maybe we’ll even swing by Disney World to install some floors.



Lakeland is a beautiful, historic city located east of Tampa. The city’s many lakes include Lake Mirror, with its promenade and neoclassical Hollis Garden. The Polk Museum of Art can be found here along with the Munn Park Historic District, which is known for its antique shops and early-1900s architecture. This memorable city is yet another destination we’re proud to offer services.